Activities near our residences

Discover the main activities in Tuscany that you can do near our residences

Tourist guides and itineraries

Our guests will have the opportunity to take part in sightseeing tours with certified guides in the most attractive locations near our residences.

Moreover, the surroundings of our residences are rich in tourist itineraries for those who love walking in the middle of medieval villages and the Casentino Forest.

Barberino Outlet

For the fashion lovers there’s the fashion outlet of Barberino di Mugello. It’s a must stop for every tourist that loves italian quality fashion goods and craftsmanship.

You can find every major designer brand heavily discounted ad tax-free in most cases. If you love designers and are always trendy, Barberino Outlet is mandatory place to visit. At Villa Caiano we will help you and explain everything to you

Horseback Riding in Tuscany

Take horseback riding lessons in Tuscany, it is one of the most famous “horse regions” of Italy, the horses bred here are friendly and very good with children as well.

The first time riding on a horse is very exciting and will make your stay at our luxury villa in Tuscany unforgettable. Spend the whole day exploring the countryside of Tuscany horseback riding. It is a very developing experience for children: they can form a special relationship with our horses and have fun in our countryside horseback riding in Tuscany.

M.T.B. Trail Area Rincine

For the sportsy guests we can book in advance a ride at the MTB trail area in Rincine. It has very exciting trails for mountain bike! It was designed near the National Park of Casentino Forests and it has beautiful woods and flora.

 The trails are perfectly designed to fit in the natural environment so you can have a rush of adrenaline in a eco and natural park with lots of fun. Villa Caiano can book a ride for you at the MTB trail.

The Mall

Food and relax aren’t the only things you can enjoy at the luxury villa in Tuscany Villa Caiano, we are very passionate about fashion as well.

It’s one of the strong features of our country and we couldn’t miss on the opportunity to talk about fashion and the fact that The Mall, one of the biggest brand fashion centers in Italy, is located very near our villa in Tuscany.

Wine Tasting

Our Luxury Villa in Tuscany is located in a very fruitful hillside area with many vineyards that produce the best wines in the world which Tuscany and Chianti is very famous for.

At Villa Caiano we organize wine tastings to introduce you the best wines of this area, one of them being the Frescobaldi Family, producing wine in the Chianti and other areas and representing the Tuscan traditions for 700 years as well.

Private Chef

Tuscany is known for its exceptional cuisine. Tuscany luxury villa Caiano can hire a private chef to prepare, cook and serve some real Tuscan traditional dishes.

A private Tuscan chef will come to Villa Caiano and cook an extraordinary Tuscan meal from scratch in front of you. You can have a personalized meal with your own specific requirements. The chef will help you choose an exquisite menu based on your preferences. Of course locally made tuscan wine will be served to compliment your dishes. Sit back and relax at our luxury villa in Tuscany with savoury Tuscan meals cooked only for you. We have chosen highly skilled and talented chefs in the region cook for you.


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